Hope Island Drapery Treatment

Hope Island Drapery Treatment

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Enjoy this casual yet sophisticated style make of solid organic fabrics. The top treatment is pleated toward the back and suspended by wide tabs at each pleat. The front sections swag naturally from the tabs without creating definitive folds. A "tail" is cut diagonally to make a graceful transition on the sides of the treatment. This piece can hang freely or be pinned to the wall to cover hardware. Either way, it is longer than the middle sections and will look very much as sketched. All elements of this treatment are lined with ivory lining (Deluxe weight is used for orange linen panels. Medium weight is used for natural white panels (natural white is thicker than the orange linen.)

In this design, natural white pleated sections interrupt the orange linen sections. Natural white also makes a contrasting band on the orange sections. Blue bobble trim is sewn at the edge of the orange sections, overlapping onto the natural white banding as sketched.

Panels can be made all solid or with contrasting horizontal section as sketched. Choose solid orange panels, solid natural white panels, Orange with white banding (ABA), or White with orange banding (BAB).

Also, please select a width for the top treatment and length for panels. We recommend a width 6-12 inches greater than the window. The sketch represents a width of approximately 52". (Please contact us to order sizes wider than 60" with additional sections in the top treatment) . Panels should be hung 7" lower than the TOP of the pole so that the curtain rod is not seen between pole and fabric of the top treatment.

Generally speaking, pole treatments can be placed on the wall closer to the window or near the ceiling. We are happy to make recommendations pertaining to the placement and sizes of the treatment. Email Design Nashville for assistance or a time to chat about your project.
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