About Our Preserved Plants

About Our Preserved Plants
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Preservation All plants and florals are naturally preserved using a simple glycerin solution in combination with the controlled heat and humidity of one of our preservation rooms. The glycerin used is food grade (kosher) and totally safe for you and your pets.

During the preservation process heat and low humidity dehydrates the plants and flowers, forcing them to “drink” the glycerin solution in an effort to rehydrate. The glycerin solution then solidifies in the plant and preserves it for all time.

Maintenance There are actually few things you need to do to keep your preserved plants looking beautiful for years to come. Do NOT water your plant. Do Not put your plant in direct sunlight. It is not recommended that you place your plant outdoors. This may reduce it’s lifespan and make it vulnerable to insect, deer and jealous neighbors.

DO occasionally dust your plant with a light feather duster. You may also use canned air, keeping the tip at least 2 inches from the plant. Do put your plant in a prominent part of your home or office and shot it to all who visit.

LIFESPAN The life of our products varies by type but you should generally expect the following: Junipers: 7+ years Floral: 3+ years (due to increased handling) Bonsai: 7+ years Eucalyptus: 10+ years Palms: 7+ years
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