About Pricing of Custom Bedding and Draperies

About Pricing of Custom Bedding and Draperies
About Materials Pricing DesignNashville.com

The greatest factor affecting the cost of materials is not quality; it is exclusivity. If one design house has the rights to all fabric made and control over who buys it, the fabric is highly exclusive. The rights to the fabric usually originate with the design. For instance, patterns based on historical homes like the Biltmore are licensed for specific purposes. Several companies may sell materials from a “Biltmore Collection”, but each pattern is restricted in its use. Open stock fabric is material available to any wholesale buyer such as a retail fabric store or a jobber (sells cut yardage to designers). Our customers most frequently buy materials of limited exclusivity: materials only sold by interior designers. These are always of very good quality. The photo above shows fabric being inspected. Most fabric is inspected at least twice before it is cut for your project.

Within the category of a fabric’s exclusivity, you will find differences in price according to fiber content and weight. Polyester fabrics of all weights usually cost less than natural fabrics. Price ranking of natural fiber is generally (from low to high) rayon, cotton, silk, linen, wool. This season brings oustanding synthetic/natural blends. Sheen is low, durability is increased, and cost is cut.

Since weaving is either highly computerized or embellished by hand in economically disadvantaged countries, the amount of patterning is no longer a significant factor in fabric cost. The few remaining American fabric companies now sell more imports than domestic fabric. European made goods are available at 3-6 times the price of materials made in the East.

About Labor Pricing DesignNashville.com

Quality plays a greater role in labor pricing. The difficulty of planning the job, especially figuring yardage, cutting the job, along with the need for specialized industrial equipment are the three most important elements in pricing. Small items made of thin fabric such as cotton print pillows will cost about twice as much from any professional designer or specialist as from an individual working with a domestic machine from home. Most of our products could not be made with domestic machines. Seamsters are increasingly difficult to find and keep as other work pays better. Many skilled seamsters have left our industry to work in health care. Labor pricing has increased as a result, and shops have little ability to increase capacity at peak times. Most shops employ only one person capable of planning jobs. Many shops don’t have the ability to make unique patterns. Design Nashville does both. We have created computere models for our designs to streamline the work and risk involved in planning your job. We create patterns for anything our designer sketches. Two professional workrooms equipped with a full range of industrial machines, lighting, and tables fabricate and professionally package the designs. In both workrooms, the staff is stable and consistent. Work is cut by hand to ensure centering and pattern matching. Sewing processes include both machine guided and hand guided methods to create fine consistent workmanship. Our pricing is lower than interior designers’, and highly competitive with drapery and bedding specialists. Our ability to fabricate unique designs surpasses both.
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