Blanket the World with Remnants

Blanket the World with Remnants
It started with a box of scraps...

very expensive designer scraps. A quilted wanted them. The next box went to a school for craft projects.

Some where along the way, we quit throwing away any bit of fabric larger than 3 inches. Then, we started giving away old sample books. I wish we had thought of ways to use the fabric sooner. In the early days, we didn't have enough trash cans to hold the huge triangular scraps from every swag we made. Now, we make a lot more than swags, and scraps have taken on a whole new meaning.

Now, we BUY REMNANTS. Tanna MIller's original design French Riviera Bedding is made showcasing a gorgeous tapestry which was an end of the bolt cut from a fine furniture manufacturer. The fabric would have been $149, but in our ensemble, it is valued at $39.

We DESIGN USING REMNANTS. One year, we were signed up for a trade show but had no money to buy things to sell. I looked around the shop and put together bedding, hand bags, throws, and pillows. We had such success selling things made from remnants that we devote one show a year to just that. Some items are available online at this link Designer Pillows and Throws

We GiVE FABRIC REMNANTS To Charity. Many churches and schools have used fabric for their projects. We don't always know what they are making. Here are some we do know:

The smallest pieces have wrapped "prayer rocks" which are pendants which remind their maker to pray.

The sturdiest fabrics were made into book bags by the Lutheran World Missions and delivered to many countries.

One man called to get scraps to cheer his mother in making a craft project while recuperating from surgery.

The ladies of St. Andrew Lutheran Church of Franklin, Tn, made fabrics into quilts for their mission in Haiti. They sponsor two schools there which provide a meal a day to each student in addition to a good education. I asked them if it would be better to sell the quilts in their wealthy community and use the money for the schools. "No." they answered. We want them to know we love them and have made the quilt just for them." Okay, I answered as I gave them chenille, velvet, and other heavy woven fabrics. Later I asked them if the quilts were being used. Aren't they hot? I wondered. "Not at all!" the church ladies answered, "They used the quilts for hammocks!"

Quilts for hammocks in Haiti. That made me smile.

Let us know if we can supply your charitable cause, too.

Tanna Miller owner, designer Trends & Traditions/ DesignNashville 615-601-0552
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