Custom Bedding Design just for you!

Custom Bedding Design just for you!
We are proud to offer you FREE custom bedding and drapery designs using any of our featured fabrics (shown on this website) and any solid velvet, silk, chenille, or linen. If we begin with any one fabric that you can identify, we will find coordinates and trim for you. Free design includes sketches and photos of the style, materials, and placement. We work primarily through email to communicate with you. An initial phone chat is helpful to begin.

Custom sewing is done by hand and machine in the United States according to the highest professional standards. We hand cut every job for optimal placement of fabric patterns. Usually, designs are centered within the piece; and they match from piece to piece. Exceptions might include a large scale damask or botanical wherein two areas of the pattern might be featured. Bed covering fabrics are carefully matched at the seam. Because some fabric manufacturers (particularly those in the East) don't provide excess fabric width/ pattern for the pattern match, some part of the pattern may be taken up by the seam. In this case, we may ask for your approval or suggest a piping or trim addition to the seam. Bed coverings and pillows are backed with decorative fabrics, not run of the mill neutrals. Please let us know if you would like the backs to exactly match the front. Most, but not all designs can be made more cost effectively if we use a coordinating solid of high quality on the backs. Design Nashville is the only bedding maker providing upscale and specialty sizing of pillows for all designs. We believe that tall beds require pillows taller than ordinary sleeping pillows and that King beds look best with larger pillows instead of more small pillows. Each pillow cover has a zipper/ flap closure and a removable pillow insert made especially for that cover so that it fits ideally.

Our work prices lower than designers and most bedding makers, because we have achieved some efficiency in the process with computerized planning models and streamlined service.

Lead time varies during the seasons of the year and with the number of jobs in the work cue. Simple styles are produced fastest, because there are more workers with appropriate skills. Designs requiring expert mitering and trim application typically take a bit longer, because the level of expertise involved requires the best experienced people. The production cue is often different for high end work than it is for simple work such as a bed skirt.

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