Decorating in Shades of Red

Decorating in Shades of Red
Shades of red are here to stay. Even when the design industry says the color is a goner, red lovers find ways to revitalize the color.

Today's hot looks: casual luxury, farmhouse, and clean lined traditional do well with softened shades of red. Look for a little pink, plum, or coral tone to the red.

Earthier reds are still in demand for Hill Country, Lodge, Equestrian, Mediterranean, and Hacienda styles.

Imperial red is used sparingly this year and is usually reserved for formal European opulence.

What may be coming: Keep your eye out for raspberry and plum. We have added some fabrics in this category this season. Men like these colors, so ladies, here is your chance to sneak in something that wouldn't fly with him in another color.
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