Diagrams for arranging wall decor groups and gallery walls

Diagrams for arranging wall decor groups and gallery walls
Several fail safe groupings of wall decor or art are diagramed here. Notice that balance can be created without symmetry. Imagine a see saw. Two children of equal height and weight are in balance. But so are two smaller children in balance with the one. Or, height and distribution of mass may differ. The same is true here.

Notice the largest piece in any group tends to draw the eye or focus your eye on the group. In the green background diagram on the upper left, a large piece in the center gives the grouping a center rather than letting it flow as a line (up the stairs).

In the diagram on the upper right, the largest piece is in the center on the top row. This draws the eye upward.

Look now to the diagram with grey background on the lower right. This one seems out of balance. It requires something on the shelf on the right side to make it work.

Review the photos of art with furniture and accessories in Room Vignettes to further visualize your artwork in context. As always, complimentary design assistance is available to you as you consider our wall decor for your space. Just Email Design Nashville. Also, look for Live Chat while you are shopping. Live Chat is not continually staffed, but is usually available in the afternoons and evenings.
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