Drapery Treatment Romance and Cappuccino, 3 fabric options

Drapery Treatment Romance and Cappuccino, 3 fabric options

Item# DES-romancecap1
Enjoy elegance without fussiness in this treatment that shows off the fabric's beauty in a simple shape embellished by a small amount of ornate trimming. Deluxe width is included in this design to provide fullness of the side panel to create folds as sketched.

Choose from the three fabrics shown. All are medium weight with excellent drawability, wrinkle resistance, and beautiful weave. The entire treatment is lined with ivory drapery lining of mid or heavy weight. (mid on swirl, heavy on faux silks).

Select the width of your treatment. We recommend a width that is your window plus 4" on each side or 8" total. If your window including trim is 36" wide, we recommend a drapery treatment that is 44" wide or wider so that the glass will not be heavily covered. The width should not be more than 14" greater than the window width, or the wall will show when the panel is pulled back.

The length is from the top of the header to the bottom of the side panels. We recommend mounting 10-15" above the window whenever possible. Measure to the floor and add 6" for puddle. A treatment in a room with 9 ft ceilings should probably be around 106" long.

Tassel trim is approximately 3.5" long. Tassels on tiebacks are approximately 10" long. Tassel trim can be added along the leading edge upon request. The top can be pleated in various ways to be used with a hidden rod or decorative pole.

email Design Nashville any questions or requests. We are happy to schedule a time to chat about your particular treatment.
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