European Manor, Mediterranean Home

European Manor, Mediterranean Home
Rich architectural elements and artistic placement of both warm and cool finishes create character in this European inspired kitchen, lighting, and bedding design. Contrasting warm and cool within a design is one of our favorite techniques whether the tones are considered neutral (as this example) or colorful. Black and bronze, pewter and champagne, chocolate and silver are examples of variations in the neutral category.

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Today's homes tend to blend characteristics of Tudor, French, and Mediterranean architecture for a "European inspired" look. The kitchen shown falls mostly in the Mediterranean category. The cool tone of the faux finished ceiling and the mortar technique on the back splash are trendy touches. The color black is common in Mediterranean designs, but not on wood work. So, these particular combinations feel fresh.

Majesty Damask is one of the most admired designs we have ever created. It's ornamentation and rich character appeal to both men and women.
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