Espy Exclusive Collection Features and Sizing

Espy Exclusive Collection Features and Sizing
Bedding by Tanna Espy Miller

Design: Expert color blending in a wide range of palettes
Historical and national influences honored
Pattern on pattern as well as textural contrasts
Uniquely sized pillows to create comprehensive presentation
Sized for tall beds and pillow top mattresses
Range of gender neutral, masculine, and feminine offerings

Sizing: Pillows are large to create maximum impact and to coordinate with tall headboards. Pillows are scaled up for king ensembles to keep the design proportional rather than layering another row of pillows. Super Queen and Super King are available in any design to accommodate pillow top mattresses, and tall beds. (Message us for maximum widths available in each size category.) Generally, King size is finished no wider than 106", because most fabric is 54" wide. All widths greater are priced at Super King. Some designs may also list Deluxe King to offer two deluxe sizes but pricing is the same. When fabric is especially costly, we may want to achieve super king sizing by adding banding around the maximum width created by 2 widths. The additional labor creates a break even of the pricing in moderately priced fabrics, an increase in low priced fabrics, but it offers savings and a design benefit for costly bedding fabrics. See Olympic Lair Bedding.

Materials: Exclusive fabrics of highest quality
Primarily woven patterns for long lasting wear
Sumptuous textures typically in durable fabrics
Wrinkle resistant fabrics are favored in our designs
Trims from around the world to create personality
Interlining enhancing silk and thinner fabrics
Unique buttons and jewels selected for individual ensembles
Some materials are kept in stock for one of a kind designs. Most materials are special ordered from suppliers.

Construction: Patterns cut to center within the piece and match from item to item.
Fabric cut to match at the seam and maintain direction of nap
Matching thread changing for each fabric
Skirts hems with double 2.5" hem blind stitched to lining for smooth bottom edge.
5/8 seam allowances providing seam smoothness and long term wear
Edges and seams finished with overlocking seam
Seams pressed open to enhance design and wear
Corners reinforced and clipped
Curves notched in seam allowance to provide fluid curve
Pillows with zipper and flap closure
Button or zipper closure duvet
Reinforced stress points
Trims treated for non raveling before sewing
Cording or trim in the seam along the perimeter is customary to increase durability and maintain shape

Storage: Materials and finished work are stored in a climate controlled, fragrance free environment, maintaining moderate humidity, low sunlight, and moderate temperature
Finished work is stored flat with minimal folding

Lead time, order changes Lead time ranges depending on the number of orders in the work cue, time of year, and difficulty of the work to be done. Highly unique and difficult work is done by one or two people, making the lead time longer than work that can be done by anyone in the workroom. Production is often 8 weeks from the time all materials are received. Specialty production and pattern making takes place at Design Nashville. Most production is contracted to a professional workroom in the United States with consistent operation and superlative facilities. We do not have direct observation of that workroom, but we guarantee the quality of work enthusiastically. If a material is backordered more than 3 weeks, we will offer complimentary design assistance to select another material, or you may choose to wait for the original selection. Your invoice will be edited to reflect any change (up or down) to the cost of the work. Changes to the design may be accepted if the request is made in time to change the production plans. Changes to the design will ALWAYS increase lead time, and will usually increase labor costs. Design Nashville is primarily a design house purchasing fabric to fill specific orders. We do not have direct oversight in the primary production workroom or

Pricing: Bedding is high end made of semi-exclusive and exclusive materials in one of a kind or small limited editions. Pricing reflects the exclusivity of the designs. However, pricing is often LOWER than custom made bedding of the same number of elements, because we do employ some special purchase materials in our designs. Some cost saving measures are implemented in Espy Exclusive Collections, particularly when the featured fabric is high-end. Fabrics on the backs of pillows and bed coverings may be of a different decorative material than the face. The weight and color of the back fabric will always complement the face. Please let us know if you want all elements backed with the same fabric as the front.

Coordinates: Exclusive draperies, upholstered beds, headboards, storage benches, and chairs are available upon request.
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