French Quarter Custom Drapery and Bedding Collection

French Quarter Custom Drapery and Bedding Collection
This collection is inspired by the easy going, French architecture of New Orleans. Practicality and elegance combine in ways that exists no where else in the world.

The feature fabric displays elements unique to the New Orleans way. The linen is unbleached and somewhat unrefined yet the patterning is rather formal in nature. The medallion damask pattern is printed rather than woven, and the motif is elongated vertically like the architecture of the city. The final element, the expertly embroidered lattice is of a width and consistency very much like the decorative iron work found throughout the charming city. Together, these French elements make the feature fabric a designer treasure.

Our designer, Tanna Espy, is sketching ideas for bedding and drapery that feature the French Quarter Linen Fabric.

Please feel free to contact us for custom designs as well.
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