Hand cut drapery treatments to place <br>fabric patterns

Hand cut drapery treatments to place
fabric patterns

Item# DES-handcutdraperypattern
We are not just a design house. We are skilled drapery makers. This means that we plan the work from conception through pattern making and the stages of fabrication.

The fabric in this treatment is a damask with a woven ombré stripe. We asked the customer which color she wanted to emphasize. She wanted to be sure both bands of color showed very well, but she had a slight preference for the brick tones. We centered the swag portions on the brick colored ombré, and then we centered stripes on the bell portions alternating brick and neutral across 5 bells. Since there were an odd number, the treatment was planned with three brick bells, and two neutral bells.

The tassel trim repeats every 3.25" horizontally with a glass bead and tied tassel in each repeat. Because the trim is visually complex, we thought that it could be applied as it naturally fell without cutting and placing. If you look carefully, you can see that the tassels aren't centered on the bells. It would be possible to center trim if need be.

Two other adjustments were made to this treatment: the height of the swag at the point where it joins the bell and the shape of the bell. We cut this treatment to have less range of up and down movement or scallop to the bottom edge than average so that the extra wide treatment would have more of a running effect.

We will plan your treatment just for you window in as much detail as you like or the situation demands.
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