Illuminating Dark Rooms

Illuminating Dark Rooms
If your home is in construction, we recommend adding recessed lights on dimmer switches in addition to a light fixture in the center of the room.

Here are helpful tips to improve dark rooms by adding lights AND by decorating strategies:

Add recessed lights in living spaces and small pin lights in dining rooms to shine on art (or picture lights as shown) and the ends of the table. These ideas may require new wiring.

Ideas without new wiring: Use a green plant on the floor such as a rubber tree or palm. Hide a can light behind it, and shine the light upward through a portion of the leaves.

Add a torchiere (torch like light which shines upward) in a corner or two tall torchieres for the buffet table.

Use reflective surfaces such as metal and china to maximize the existing light.

Provide a focal wall with lights to direct attention.

Paint the ceiling a metallic finish or use a wall covering or applied pattern (as shown)

Don't be afraid to use dark draperies and upholstery fabric. Once your eyes adjust to a dark space, you will be able to see subtle contrast between dark and richly colored elements.

Beaded accents on draperies and crystals on lights provide sparkle, enhancing the existing light.
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