Lake at Giverny Drapery Treatment

Lake at Giverny Drapery Treatment

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Materials are still available. Contact us to order this design and other custom bedding offline. Modifications can be made.

Elegant faux raw silk in the most beautiful colors of Monet's water lily paintings at his estate in Giverny France is appointed with a velvet Greek Key border and beautiful hardware.

Workmanship is of the highest professional standards. Hems are rolled double and blind stitched. The drapery is interlined (with cotton flannel) and lined in ivory drapery lining.

Choose standard or deluxe drapery fullness. (Standard is shown with 5 pleats each side). Pleats are goblet pleated (like a champagne flute) for Elegant European detailing. Additional rings are included if you select deluxe fullness.

Choose the drapery length you would like. We recommend slightly touching the floor with this style. Please note that the top of the pole is approximately 2.6 inches above the top of the drapery. If your space is confined, we can work from the overall height to calculate the drapery length. Please contact us for this method.

A solid wood, 2.25" diameter reeded drapery pole decorative finial, matching solid wood rings, and decorative brackets are included. Finishes are premium, layered artisan finishes. Choose any of the four finial styles and any of the three finishes (in any combination) The finish in the illustration above is bronze with grey and gold highlights. Select a style for your solid steel holdbacks. Please note that the finish of the holdbacks will match the pole finish selected.

You may want to order a SWATCH below

We are proud of this design just as it is, but we understand that your room make look better with a personalized version of the idea. Email Design Nashville for courteous assistance.

Pay in two parts Because this treatment is made to order in a few weeks, you can choose to pay in two parts rather than in full online. Email us at the link above for this option. We will need to keep your card on file to charge the balance as the work goes into final production.
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