Opulence in Home Interiors

Opulence in Home Interiors
Astounding beauty is always in style!

We specialize in fine, opulent draperies and bedding made of designer exclusive materials. Whether you want to accent an historic home or simply impress your guests, we have all the skills and materials needed for your project.

Design Nashville offers customizable high end bedding, limited edition and one of a kind bedding and draperies, and unique custom designs.

Enjoy our customizable, Opulent Bedding Design Nashville

Espy Exclusive Collections one of a kind and limited edition bedding

Draperies and Soft Shades

Email Design Nashville for complimentary custom design service. We are happy to schedule an appointment to chat by phone about your project.

Image: A jewelled gold zarf (holder for hot coffee cup without handle), circa 1900 featuring open work, chased in the manner of Aucoc with neo-classical strap work and leaf motifs enhanced by rose diamonds and cabochon rubies. 2.25" high. Sold by Southeby's Auction for 8,125 GBP
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