Parisian Lamplight Drapery Treatment

Parisian Lamplight Drapery Treatment

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The Parisian Lamplight Damask drapery treatment is romantic yet bold in color and substance. The treatment includes fine designer hardware and mounting template. Installation is not difficult. The design is best for two single windows near each other or one large window . Drapery is intended to frame the window, not cover it. Larger medallions and drapery length are available for tall rooms. Please contact us for quotes.

Drapery panels and jabots are formed in a graceful shape featuring Parisian Lamplight Damask silver and black tapestry. Drapery is held by decorative medallions made for this purpose. Choose shape and finish of medallions as well as iron holdbacks. We will provide a template for placing the medallions on the wall in an arched shape. Drapery falls gracefully from tabs under the medallion face. A shaped jabot finishes the inner edge with a curving diagonal bottom edge. Decorative trim is optional. Braid 2" wide sewn close to the leading edges of the drapery panels and shaped edge of jabots. Square beaded trim hangs from the shaped edges of jabots only. This treatment is professionally hand and machine made to order in the United States. lead time is approximately 6 weeks from delivery of materials. Payment can be in two parts: deposit and balance. Contact us for 2 part payment or proceed to checkout as normal.

We recommend calculating the length as follows: from the outside bracket to floor plus 6" We will add length for the arched shape. Drapery will lift off floor on the leading edge. If you prefer the drapery to remain on the floor at all points, we can shape the bottom with a small charge. Contact us for this option. If you would like to provide measurements of your window after ordering, we are happy to draw the treatment to scale for your window and suggest length and width we think is best.

Alternative trims and tassel tiebacks are available upon request.

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