Parisian Yellow Jay Bedding Ensemble

Parisian Yellow Jay Bedding Ensemble
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A spritely sense of fashionability is expressed in this unique design!

Parisian Yellow Jay Linen depicts vine, blossom, and birds in shimmering black, white, and soft yellow embroidery. Parisian Tassel Fringe in white, grey, and black delights the eye as it gracefully outlines the front pillows and duvet cover! Classic braid and linen provide refinement to the overall look.

Choose duvet cover or comforter as well as your favorite style and color of skirt. Ensemble includes:
Qn 2 or Kg 3 Euro Pillows 26x26 Black Faux Linen (non wrinkling) with 3.25" flange, Soft Yellow Braid and Parisian Grey Braid.
2 Deluxe Rectangular Pillows Parisian Yellow Jay (taller than sleeping pillows), trimmed on all sides by Parisian Tassel Trim
1 Rectangular Pillow 16x22 Qn or 16x24 Kg Monogrammed: Soft Yellow Silk with Black monogram, trimmed in Soft Yellow Tassel Fringe on all sides
1 Duvet Cover Parisian Yellow Jay front, Grey solid back, Parisian Tassel Trim on 3 sides, zipper closure at foot.
OR 1 Comforter in alternating twinkle quilt pattern. 9 oz fill. Parisian Tassel Trim on 3 sides.
1 Black Faux Linen Tailor Pleated bed skirt (lined)
OR 1 Shirred Soft Yellow Silk bed skirt (lined)

Custom coordinates are available upon request.

Parisian Yellow Jay Bedding is a limited edition design of no more than 4 ensembles.
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