Pennington Acres Drapery Treatment with Medallions

Pennington Acres Drapery Treatment with Medallions

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The Pennington Acres Drapery Treatment is graceful in the English tradition featuring high end fabric with large scale blooms and leaves of paprika against mid toned walnut accented with white and green. Fullness is deluxe (1.5 widths each side) so that the drapery can span up to 32" wide at the top. The pleating method is unique to this style in that it is both pleated and drooping so that the overall personality is relaxed yet impressive. An example of the basic elements of this drapery can be seen in the velvet drapery shown at inset.

The main fabric is the large scale floral. Bands 4" wide of linen blend coral run vertically along the leading edges. Cashmere white 3.5" tassel trim is sewn where the band and floral fabrics meet. (alternative trims are available upon request) Order SWATCHES below

Although the drooping feels casual at the top, it is also controlled by beautiful goblet pleats and pinned at precise increments to a ring that hangs from the post of the medallion holdback. The tops are cut at a 10" angle mirroring each other as shown. Each panel contains 6 pleats. Each pleat can be hooked to metal rings which slide over medallion holdbacks. Tiebacks feature floral fabric in the center with coral outer bands of 0.75-1" each. The tieback measures approximately 48". Fourteen medallion holdbacks are included to correspond to the 12 pleats and 2 tiebacks.

We recommend allowing 2 extra inches of length so that the drapery touches the floor in the center and outer edges making it possible to spread the drapery at the base as shown. The leading edge will lift up off the floor unless the drapery puddles several inches. At least 5" of puddle are required to keep most of the bottom edge on the floor. The bottom can be cut in a slant if you would like to have all of the hem touch the floor while maintaining a shallower puddle. Contact us for this option.

Please provide the length of the finished drapery panels you would like. Provide only the longest length. We will cut the slant. The hardware will extend another 2-2.5" above the drapery.

Pennington Acres Drapery Treatment is made by hand and machine in the United States according to professional designer standards. The drapery is fully lined with our best 100% cotton ivory lining. Side and bottoms hems are rolled double and blind stitched. Patterns match at the seam, and the height of the pattern matches from panel to panel.

Email Design Nashville for custom variations on this design such as increased fullness, change of banding or trim, different method of pleating.
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