Relaxed Roman Shades

Relaxed Roman Shades
Pricing will be posted shortly. Samples are available below.

Relaxed Roman Shades fixed in a stationary position provide elegance at moderate cost for ordinary windows. Fabric and trim combinations are shown below. We can make this shade out of most medium weight fabrics in widths ranging from 20-44". The shade shown is approximately 38" wide and 27" deep in the center. The wider the shade the deeper the drop in the center. At the top, the shade is tucked to provide fullness so that even narrow shades have an elegant droop.

We will provide velcro fastening so that you can secure the fabric which makes a return to the wall to the trim of the window (as pictured). If there is no trim, you may want to secure with a finishing nail. Left to hang naturally, the shade will pull the fabric toward the center, often revealing window trim on the sides.

Email Design Nashville for pricing and fabric options for Relaxed Roman Shades.
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