Rosemont Plantation Super King Bedding Ensemble

Rosemont Plantation Super King Bedding Ensemble

Item# BES-rosemontplantationQS
Contact us for customer service and to order this or any custom bedding or drapery. Modifications can be made also. One quick ship ensemble may be available.

Gorgeous September colors of cognac/ butterscotch, deep apple red, firebrick red, copper, and brown fox. Fabrics are cut and sewn to match at the seam, center within each piece, and match from piece to piece. Matching or coordinating thread is used. All seams, stress points, and corners are reinforced. Pillows and bed covering are finished with easy gliding professional strength zippers/ flap closure.

* Two pillows have been added since the drawing was made. They are listed below with a * Rosemont Plantation Bedding offers more pieces for the pricing than any other design in this color group.

One bedding ensemble is in progress in our workroom. It can ship within a week of receiving your order. . Euro Pillows remain the same for super king. Front and novety pillows are larger.

Ensemble includes:
2 Euro Pillow Shams,
27 x 27" Swirl Matelasse, old brick (fabric B) with 3/8" twisted cording on all sides.
1 Euro Pillo Sham, 27x 27" Diamond dot chenille fabric C center section, Warm Brown Silk Velvet D mitered on outer sections. Braid mitered as a frame (pinned in place in photo) 3/8" twisted cording on all sides.
2 Queen or King Pillow Shams, Rosemont Floral Chenille Tapestry fabric A, Twisted cording on all sides
* 2 rectangular pillows 16x 22" Rosemont Floral Chenille Tapestry center, Diamond Dash Chenille mitered border. Decorative braid matching the foot quilt, Twisted cording on all sides. 1 Novelty Pillow Copper Metallic Faux Linen fabric E center, Warm Brown Silk Velvet fabric D outer sections, Tassel trim with black vertically as sketched, Twisted Cording around all sides. 16x22 Qn or 17x24 Kg
1 Duvet Cover/ Coverlet Super King (118" wide 100" long) Rosemont Plantation Chenille Tapestry fabric A. matched at seams, Cognac and Cream Chenille mid weight fabric on back, Twisted Cording on three sides, zipper/ flap closure on back near foot
1 Foot Quilt Swirl Matelasse with decorative braid at seams, Twisted cording on all sides. approximately 23" x 99"
1 Optional Shirred Skirt Dark Red Crinkled Faux Silk skirt in your choice of lengths. Fully lined, and attached to deluxe grade seamless decking.

Email Design Nashville for quotes on custom versions of this design.
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