Rug Tip for Traditional Seating Arrangement

Rug Tip for Traditional Seating Arrangement
Here is an example of a rug suggestion for a traditional living room with furniture arranged in a rectangle all on one side of the room opposite cherry console and hutch with large screen tv. Walking areas are at the bottom and the right side.

Existing elements:
Vaulted ceiling
Light maple hardwood floors
French doors and two windows
Round cherry cocktail table 40"
Square cherry end table
Brick red chenille sofa solid with pattern having contrasting pillows which match chairs.
Large forrest green recliner with subtle geometric pattern in earthy colors placed diagonally at the corner of the room.
Two matching swivel chairs of a red (brighter than the sofa) background floral of a trumpet shaped flower containing yellow green, soft white, forest green, and more

Suggestions we made:
Work with an 8x10 or 11 placed in the general layout of the furniture tucking under legs of chairs and stopping before the sofa. ( a little rug under furniture makes it feel grounded. More is unnecessary and often covers too much rug)

Choose a rug without a bold contrasting border. Since the client loves traditional furniture a border is appropriate. This illustration is of the most bold we could recommend. (Border will further define and isolate the seating group from the entertainment wall and shrink the visual space)
Choose an Oriental floral design (not European, realistic, or country) so that it will complement the pattern in the recliner and not conflict with the life like trumpet floral of the chairs.
Avoid center medallions as they will draw attention to the position of the round table which must be placed off center.
Choose a pattern which flows consistently throughout the rug to direct your eye to the furniture.
Background colors to consider: apple green, light olive, wheat gold (light-medium tones flow with the light hardwood floor which is expansive beyond the seating arrangement)

In another home, we might recommend a chocolate background rug. This client wanted a red background. While we felt it loaded the room more to that side, we agreed since that effect was already in place and the color itself was not an issue. The shade of red becomes extremely important as is the necessity (a tall order) of finding a red background rug without navy, midnight, or black.

The rug shown is an excellent example of the pattern, border, and placement we have in mind. My personal preference would be to emphasize light olive or yellow green. However, our job is to point out viable options not place our preference in your home.

Tanna Espy Miller

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