Van Buren Bedding Ensemble

Van Buren Bedding Ensemble
Bedding and coordinates are named for the 8th president of the United States, Martin Van Buren the first President born in America.

Contact us to order this bedding or a custom design made of the tapestry and coordinates.

There are a few things peculiar to Americans, and one is our love of black and almost black which did not originate with our mother country. Black is a color commonly used by Native Americans, Spanish, Egyptians, and Africans.

This design expresses the American love for formal damask (however altered), for drama in general, and subtle tone on tone near solids. In Spain, it would be more vibrant, in England not so dark, in France more colorful....

This bedding is made to order as shown (with any type of bed covering) or with custom features. A limited supply of the Van Buren Damask is available. Coordinating Drapery and Bedding is available.
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