Whistler's Pleated Skirt Drapery Pair

Whistler's Pleated Skirt Drapery Pair

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Whistler's Pleated Drapery features stone colored faux linen draperies with a stunning box pleated skirt.

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Enjoy what the best of new synthetic fabrics have to offer: texture and look of linen without any wrinkles! Whistler's Drapery Pair is available in either deluxe (approximately 79" per side before pleating at the top) or double fullness (approximately 103" at the top before pleating). Double fullness is shown in the photo with approximately 13 pleats. The skirt is more full than the drapery upper sections. Notice that the skirt forms a wave at the bottom in the photo. Our designer prefers deluxe fullness rather than double fullness that is pictured.

The top section is pinched upward to be attached to rings by drapery hooks. The skirt measures 28-32" long. (We will adjust the length to coordinate with the overall length you order).

Please select the length you would like your draperies to be. Please note that the pole will be approximately 2.5" higher than the draperies. Our designer prefers this drapery just touching the floor. The draperies shown puddle approximately 1.5".

Please select lining or no lining. Shown is unlined.

Select the length and finish of your 2" solid wood poles, decorative finials, and brackets.

Rings can match the poles or contrast as in the photo. Please select the fullness of the drapery you are ordering and the finish you would like.

This treatment is hand and machine made to order in the United States. Lead time varies.

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